When everyone’s got an angle, who do you trust?

Brick 17x11 revised

Teenage loner Brendan receives a mysterious call for help from his ex girlfriend, who quickly vanishes without a trace. As he investigates her disappearance, Brendan finds himself wrapped up in a high school crime ring.

Join Up All Night and the Browncoat Pub & Theatre for this original adaptation of the first full length feature by filmmaker Rian Johnson. Johnson has gone on to direct Looper and will direct two of the upcoming Star Wars films. We are very excited to be adapting it for the stage, exactly a decade after it first premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

Shows are Thursday through Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 5pm. Doors open half an hour before curtain. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 for students.

RSVP via Facebook here!


Josh Bailey- Brendan Frye

Brick Photo Poster 2

Kristi Ray- Laura Dannon

Brick Photo Poster Laura

Jaimie Harwood- Emily Kostich

Brick Photo Poster Emily

Andrew Liguori- The Brain

Brick Photo Poster Brain 1

Matthew Carter- Dode

Brick Photo Poster Dode

Olivia Arokiasamy- Kara

Brick Photo Poster Kara

Hal Cosec- Tugger

Brick Photo Poster Tug

Atwood Boyd- Pin

Brick Photo Poster Pin

Jessica Gift- Trueman, Ensemble

Brick Photo Poster Trueman

Robert Smith- Brad Bramish, Ensemble

Brick Photo Poster Brad

Josh Browner- Stoner, Ensemble

Brick Photo Poster Stoner

Matthew Rodriguez- Tangles, Ensemble

Brick Photo Poster Tangles



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