Bootleg Shakespeare: The Tempest

Up All Night goes head to head with history’s greatest playwright in Bootleg Shakespeare: The Tempest!

When a royal ship wrecks on an island during a storm, the stranded passengers are forced to deal with all manner of magical beings that inhabit it. Who knows what strange things may happen on this mysterious island? This age old tale of sorcery, seduction, and secrets comes to TheatreNOW on December 16!

Bootleg Shakespeare is a different kind of performance. The actors will NOT be rehearsing beforehand. They’ll have to rely on their own abilities to bring the Bard’s magical tale to life. Anything could happen when Up All Night presents “Bootleg Shakespeare: The Tempest”

Admission is FREE! The TheatreNOW bar will be open for business with Shakespearean drink specials!


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