Brick Auditions!

Teenage loner Brendan receives a mysterious call for help from his ex girlfriend, who quickly vanishes without a trace. As he investigates her disappearance, Brendan finds himself wrapped up in a high school crime ring. Everybody’s got an angle. Who can Brendan trust?

Join Up All Night and the Browncoat Pub & Theatre for this original adaptation of the first full length feature by filmmaker Rian Johnson. Johnson has gone on to direct “Looper” and will direct two of the upcoming “Star Wars” films. We are very excited to be adapting it for the stage, exactly a decade after it first premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

We are looking for actors age 18+. Characters are largely late teens to early 20’s in age, but some are slightly older, approaching mid 30’s.
Auditions will consist of a cold read.
Resumes and headshots appreciated but not required.
Auditions are 7-9pm on both Monday, Nov. 17th and Tuesday, Nov. 18th.
Callbacks are during the day on Saturday, Nov. 22nd at the Browncoat.
Showdates are January 8-11, 15-18, and 22-25

Characters are as follows

Brendan: Male, A loner, dark and brooding. Not one for conversation, but suave when it serves his purposes. This part is monologue-heavy, so be prepared for lots of memorization if cast in this role.

Emily: Female, Tragically beautiful. “Too much makeup, not enough sleep.” World-weary and weak, yet gorgeous. This character has few lines, but is often seen onstage without speaking, so we are looking for physical expressiveness.

The Brain: Male, Dr. Watson to Brendan’s Holmes. Matter-of-fact and occasionally disapproving. This part will be largely done in voice-over.

Kara: Female, pure seduction and manipulation. This part plays heavily into the “femme fatale” trope.

Laura: Female, mysterious, but with an air of trustworthiness. She seems to be in on everybody’s deepest secrets.

Dode: Male, A hopeless romantic with a strong “Knight in Shining Armor” mentality. Strong of heart but weak of mind and body.

Tug: Male, big and strong. Not necessarily stupid, but nor is he a manipulative genius. A temper like a powder keg that could be set off at any moment.

Pin: Male, aloof, dark, with a manufactured air of mysteriousness. He has a carefully crafted facade meant to intimidate others and hide how weak he truly is.

Beyond these core 8 characters, we are looking for a handful of ensemble members to play various smaller roles in the show.

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